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Wondering if you might have parasites? Did you know that 90% of people have been infected with parasites? If you’ve landed on this website you’re likely worried that you, your family, or your pet have fallen victim to a parasite infection. We’ve done our best to create the best parasite repository of information on this site to help you determine if you are infected, how to cure a parasite infection (medicinally or naturally via a parasite cleanse), and how to keep from becoming infected again. If you are experiencing some strange symptoms and wondering if you may be infested by parasites keep reading to determine if you’ve got a problem.

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How Did I Get Infected with Parasites?

The simple answer is you got infected by touching, eating, or drinking someone or something that was already infected by parasites. That’s a scary proposition. See parasites by nature must feed off their host to survive. Without a host they simply cannot exist. The two most likely places you’ve come in contact with parasites is from your household pets or from food you’ve consumed which was harboring parasites or their larvae.

Parasite Cleanses Kill Parasites Like TapewormsPet Parasites: Our pets like dogs, cats, or reptiles are havens for parasites. Animals are more prone to parasitic infections due to their tendencies to eat pretty much anything. Not only that they tend to lick places of their body which significantly increase the chances for them to ingest parasites. If you have a household pet your chances of contracting a parasite infection are significantly increased. A yearly parasite cleanse is recommended as well as keeping a close eye on your pet and their overall health. A trip to the veterinary office may be in order to conduct a parasite test using a recently collected stool sample.

Food Born Parasites: The water we drink and the meat (chicken, beef, fish) we consume are all potential carriers of parasites. It is essential that the water supply is sanitary which is the case for all city water, but collecting water from streams or lakes is considered high risk. There are tablets and filters capable of killing any parasites in water. The other option is to boil your water over a campfire if you find yourself without a clean water supply. Consuming chicken, beef, and fish are also extremely risky if they are not properly cooked. Following standard temperature ratings for these types of meats is critical to killing parasites and their larvae. If sushi is in your diet make absolutely sure you’re consuming high grade sushi as many of larger tuna are infested with some sort of parasites.

Parasites and Their Symptoms

Did you know that many people never show signs of a parasitic infection? Sometimes it can takes years to show any signs whatsoever, and at that point it rarely diagnosed as parasites as your body has acclimated to the parasites hosting within your body. Its quite a scary prospect which is why we recommend an annual parasite cleanse to start with a clean slate each year.

However in some cases there are symptoms that are telltale signs of a parasite infection. Here is a comprehensive list of these parasite symptoms you should be on the lookout for. Again, these symptoms may not happen overnight but gradually which makes these extremely hard to attribute to a parasite hosting within your body.

  1. Abdominal Pain
  2. Constipation
  3. Anemia
  4. Chronic Fatigue
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Headaches
  7. Iron Deficiency
  8. Jaundice
  9. Nausea & Vomiting
  10. Unusual Weight Loss
  11. Unusual Weight Gain
  12. Itchy Anus
  13. Weakness or Fatigue

There are several less likely symptoms but these are the most common symptoms which should immediately cause bells to go off in your head that you may have been infected by one or more parasites. If you think you may have been infected, let’s try to determine which parasites are living in your body. Below are the most common human/pet parasites that you’ve likely come in contact with.


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is currently reporting infection rates of ~60%! Its the most common parasite infection in modern developed nations like the United States. Pinworms are passed simply through touching things that have been previously touched by infected persons who likely left behind a trail of pinworm eggs. Children are the most likely carriers of pinworms, but are very contagious which makes all family members easily infected.

Pinworm Symptoms: Pinworm symptoms are moderate to severe itching in and around the anus – particularly at night. These symptoms manifest themselves as insomnia and restlessness in bed. It should be noted that 33% of pinworm infections show no symptoms at all.

Pinworm Treatment: An all natural parasite cleanse is capable of knocking out a pinworm infection however if they symptoms continue after treatment there are over-the-counter medicines that would be recommended. Seeking medical attention from a doctor is also highly recommended as there are prescription medications capable of knocking out a pinworm infection.


Tapeworms are one of the most terrifying parasites, as they can grow to lengths of 15 feet or more inside your large intestine. The entire body of a 15 foot tapeworm is capable absorbing nutrients which were intended for your body which makes them extreme dangerous to your overall health. These extremely large tapeworms grow tails made of segments which are completely independent organisms capable of breaking off and reinfecting other parts of your body. The most likely way to be infected is through eating undercooked meat or contaminated food carrying the tapeworm itself or its larvae.

Tapeworm Symptoms: It’s unlikely you will show any symptoms from a tapeworm infection until the tapeworm is several feet in length. Once they are several feet in length tapeworm symptoms can include severe diarrhea, dizziness, stomach pain, and nausea. If left untreated the tapeworm can obstruct the intestinal track which could require surgery to remove the tapeworm.

Tapeworm Treatment:Since early tapeworm symptoms are non-existent we recommend an all natural parasite cleanse which will knockout an early infection of tapeworms, however if the tapeworm is to large and symptoms are severe, visiting your local doctor to receive prescription medication is highly recommended.


Roundworms, also known as Nematodas, are absolutely everywhere. There are 15,000 known species of roundworms and several thousand roundworms can be found in a single handful of garden soil. Some species of roundworms are capable of laying an astounding 27 million eggs and are known to lay up to 200,000 eggs in a single day. That gives you the scope of the roundworm epidemic. Infection occurs with contact/ingestion of roundworm eggs which are then incubated by your body. Large infestations are know to cause pneumonia and blockage of the intestines causing severe constipation. Pets are easily infected by roundworms as they are directly in contact with soil where the eggs are most likely incubating.

Roundworm Symptoms:
Roundworm can cause an array of nasty symptoms which include skin rashes which are caused by roundworm waste under the skin, stomach pain, insomnia, and some have reported eye pain. Severe roundworm symptoms include damage to the liver and pancreas.

Roundworm Treatment:
Seeking a doctor familiar with roundworm infestations are recommended. They will likely send samples to a pathology laboratory to confirm a roundworm infection. Prescription medication is highly recommended for roundworm infections however a parasite cleanse can be extremely helpful in reducing the chances of actually being infected as it creates a hostile environment in your colon for roundworms to setup shop. It’s better to be proactive than reactive in the case of parasites.


It is believed that as many as 1 billion people have been infected by microscopic hookworm larvae. These larvae are capable of penetrating your skin and then traveling through the blood to your intestines where they attach themselves to the intestinal walls. Once attached and feeding on the vast blood supply they can grow to 1/2″ and begin reproducing.

Hookworm Symptoms: In general there are no symptoms of a hookworm infection however once large colonies of hookworms are attached to the intestines they can drain the iron from the blood causing anemia. Anemia can then cause mental dullness, loss of appetite, in extreme cases can cause cardiac arrest.

Hookworm Treatment:
If hookworm symptoms like anemia are being experienced immediate treatment by a medical professional is recommended. There are prescription medications that can make quick work of a hookworm infestation. The anemia and other symptoms will also then be treated. A parasite cleanse should also be considered on a regular basis as it creates a hostile environment for parasites and can often eliminate parasites before many of the symptoms are experienced and medical treatment is mandatory.


The Giardia parasite is regarded as the most common intestinal parasite infecting humans. They are so common because infection is caused by coming into contact with contaminated food, water, or soil. Essentially everything you touch could already be infected by Giardia. Once you’ve been infected, Giardia rapidly takes over your small intestine, coating it in with millions of baby parasites which immediately start feeding off your body.

Giardia Symptoms: The most common Giardia symptoms include stomach and abdominal cramping, bloating, gas, diarrhea, fatigue, and nausea. There are many cases where Giardia causes no symptoms at all as your body is able to keep them at bay in which case the only way to determine you’re infected is by a test administered by your health professional. Nearly all the intestinal parasites described here have similar symptoms due to the fact they all infect the intestinal track. This is your bodies natural tendencies in fighting these organisms.

Giardia Treatment: With many cases of Giardia causing no symptoms its highly recommended to administer a regular parasite cleanse to keep your colon from building up toxic waste where parasites are likely to find safe refuge. If the symptoms are severe is mandatory you visit your local health professional to obtain a prescription medication to kill Giardia as soon as possible.

What is a parasite cleanse?

Now that you’ve seen a list of parasite symptoms and a list of parasites you’re probably wondering what you can do to ward off a parasite infection. It turns out each of these parasites infect your intestines. That being the case, instituting a regular colon cleanse with parasite killing ingredients is a great defense against parasites. Here is a complete list of parasite cleansing ingredients found in most cleanses that make it extremely difficult for parasites to live within your colon. If you already know what a parasite cleanse is then check out our parasite cleanse review page to learn more about which cleanses are the best.

Natural Ingredients of a Parasite Cleanse

  • Wormwood
  • Clove Powder
  • Black Walnut Hulls
  • Pumpkin Seed
  • Garlic
  • Peppermint