About Us

The Parasite Cleanse website was designed for people suffering from parasitic infections and who are desperately trying to find relief.  When a family member was experiencing symptoms of a parasite infection, I began on a journey to find cleansing products that would provide an all natural solution to the symptoms.  While I haven’t personally  tried every cleansing product, I have brought a website online to allow individuals who have tried them to have a voice.  Please do your due diligence before purchasing any cleansing product and know the risks.  We’ll do our best to provide an honest opinion of the products and rate them fairly.  Please read all public reviews with discretion.  We do reserve the right to modify or delete any submitted review for any reason.

We are always scanning the internet for new parasite cleansing products.  We know we cannot find them all, so if you have a product you would like reviewed please contact us with the product website.  We’ll do our best to review the product and post a honest and informative review.  In some cases we may ask the manufacturer for a sample to evaluate.  Lastly, if you’re an expert in cleansing products, feel free to contact us about providing reviews for cleanses.  We do our best to maintain a high level of accurate and trustworthy information regarding parasite cleansing products.  We do not accept every review for this reason.  Every review is subject to approval.