The most prevalent parasitic worm in the United States is the pinworm. These parasites are small; usually they measure from one fourth to one half of an inch long. They are tubular, thin, and white. They take up residence in the intestines once they enter the body.

However, pinworms do not stay only in the intestines. These creatures have a bad habit of creeping out of the body while its host is asleep. The female pinworm will exit through the anus where she will leave her eggs before re-entering the body.

These eggs can cause several symptoms such as itching in the anal region, bleeding (due to irritated skin), and can even cause sleep disturbances. There can also be stomach disturbances such as bloating, gas, and diarrhea. On the other hand, some people can have a pinworm infection and never experience a symptom.

The group that is most commonly affected by pinworms is young school-aged children. Younger children tend to lack the hand washing skills that are needed to properly cleanse the microscopic eggs from their hands. With better hygiene, they could prevent spreading the eggs around. A person contracts pinworms by ingesting the eggs.

The eggs can be found on a number of surfaces. They can be found in food and beverages too. All it takes is one person with a pinworm infection to spread the eggs. The eggs can live on a surface for up to three weeks. Once they are ingested, they will hatch and mature in the intestines after a few weeks.

If you suspect you are infected with pinworms, a parasite cleanse may be the best solution. To avoid re-infection, the entire family should be treated at the same time. The best way to prevent spreading the eggs is to practice good hygiene skills.

Proper hand washing should last at least thirty seconds. Use warm water and soap to wash up after each trip to the bathroom. Don’t ignore the nail beds or wrists when washing. Avoid touching the area surrounding the anus if you suspect you have pinworms. Use a basin filled with soothing warm water to cleanse the area, and then disinfect the basin after each use.