Ringworm is caused by a parasitic fungus that passes through the skin. It is easily spread and can cause a lot of discomfort! It’s relatively easy to cure ringworm with a parasite cleanse, but you can take steps to prevent getting it in the first place.

Ringworms are small, tubular parasites that invade through the skin where they nest and begin to multiply. Parts of the skin that have a ringworm infection will be raised, red, and itchy. It’s not uncommon for the patches to look like rings. In some cases, the person affected will not have any symptoms other than the appearance of the raised, red rings.

The most common areas of the body to be affected by ringworm are the face, hands, and neck. There is another form of ringworm that can be found in the groin region. The symptoms and description are just like ringworm found on other parts of the body, except oftentimes much worse. This is likely due to the environment in the groin area, which is warmer and moister. This can intensify the itching.

The presence of ringworm in the groin should be treated right away because it can then start spreading to the back and down the legs. The patches become larger as the ringworms multiply. The older ringworms stay to the center where the immune system tries to attack them and the newly hatched ringworms move to the outside where they begin to reproduce. The cycle should be stopped as soon as possible to prevent excessive spreading.

Ringworm can be spread fairly easily by sharing infected towels or clothing. It’s important to only wear clean clothing and not share your personal items if you are experiencing an infection. Athletes should be especially cautious if they have to share equipment with their teammates.

Anti-fungal pills or creams may not be enough to treat ringworm. They may help ease itching of the affected area, but the best way to rid yourself of the infection involves doing a parasite cleanse. This will rid your body of the assailant and you can begin to heal faster. A parasite cleanse will also help prevent a reinfection and stop the ringworm from spreading.

Ringworm Pictures

Ringworm Parasite Infection
Image: Provided by Dr. Lucille K. Georg/ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)