One of the largest human parasites is the tapeworm. These are segmented worms that can have up to 4,000 segments! In each worm there can be as many as 50,000 eggs per segment. That means that one tapeworm can release one million eggs in a single day.

Tapeworms have been found to live as long as twenty five years. They thrive and grow quickly in the intestinal tract. There are reports of tapeworms growing longer than fifty feet inside the body. Since they release so many eggs, it’s not uncommon for their larvae to move to other parts of the body and take up residence in various organs.

The human immune system is no match for the tapeworm parasite. It is very resistant to the body’s natural attempts at defeating it which is why it can live for so long once inside a host. You contract a tapeworm by ingesting tapeworm larvae.

Contaminated food or drink is the leading source of tapeworm larvae. Eating meat products from an animal with a tapeworm infection is a common way to contract the tapeworm. It’s imperative to always cook meat to the recommended temperature to kill any larvae that might exist in it. Humans can also come in contact with tapeworms from grooming cats or dogs that are infected.

Some people may have a tapeworm for years and years yet never experience a symptom. Others report signs of intestinal disturbances like nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, and weight loss. A more serious problem occurs when the tapeworm travels out of the gastrointestinal tract and into other parts of the body.

When this happens, the tapeworm can cause organ damage, cause cysts, bacterial infections, and even fatal seizures. It’s extremely important to treat a tapeworm infection at the first signs to prevent these more serious complications from happening.

By doing a parasite cleanse, you can feel confident that you are ridding your body of the foreign parasites and can begin the healing process. At the same time, prevent reinfection by sanitizing cooking surfaces and the bathroom.

The best way to prevent contracting a tapeworm is to practice good hygiene. Never eat undercooked fish, beef, or pork. You must store meats immediately after purchase either in the freezer or refrigerator. Treat infected animals immediately to prevent them from spreading their tapeworm.