DrFloras Parasite Defense

The DrFloras Parasite Defense product provides a 15 day cleanse which contains 16 powerful ‘parasite cleansing’ ingredients which include wormwood aerial parts, black walnut hulls, and peppermint to name a few. At only $47 for the 15 day cleanse its one of the more cost effective cleanses on the market.

The Cleansing Program

The Parasite Defense product provides a 15 day, 1 step program.

The following video is provided by DrFloras and does an excellent job explaining the product and its benefits. Their website provides an good amount of information about the different parasites and the natural ingredients contained in the product.

With the Parasite Defense product explained, it is also important to mention that DrFloras does provide a full colon cleansing kit which provides provides a 30 day cleanse in a three step process.

Step 1 – For the first 15 days you are directed to take the DrFloras Colon Cleanse and the Cleanse Support. These are both 100% all natural ingredients which includes a patent-pending Psyllimax fiber matrix which provides you with the most effective cleansing result. The Cleanse Support is designed to sooth your digestive tract and make the entire experience smoother and more effective. Once your colon has been rid of all the toxic fecal matter it can effectively deal with the parasites infecting your body.

Step 2 – The second step in the parasite cleanse is a 15 day treatment with Parasite Defense product previously discussed. Since the colon has been flushed the 16 different herbs have direct access to deal efficiently with any parasites.

Step 3 – There are 2 recommendations on for the third step of the parasite cleanse. Taking the Probiotics during the 30 cleanse (Step 1 & Step 2) is the first option or you can take the Probiotics for 30 days following the 30 day cleanse. The choice is really yours.


The DrFloras Parasite Defense provides a plethora of specially designed herbs to effective stop a parasitic infection. I personally prefer any product providing a blend of multiple herbs as opposed to taking a single herb of a given dosage for a given time. DrFloras does provide a very effective product to do just that.

DrFloras also provides an extremely robust and effective colon cleansing kit which includes the Parasite Defense product. In my mind this effectively makes this colon cleanse actually a parasite cleanse. While DrFloras does not provide a robust return policy you do have 60 days to return any unopened bottles for a refund minus a 20% restocking fee.

Whats your experience with the DrFloras Parasite Defense or colon / parasite cleanse? Leave your review below.